jump a train in a sentence

"jump a train" in Chinese  
  1. Friendless then jumps a train to go west and ends up on a ranch owned by a man with a beautiful daughter.
  2. Each morning, they head out to a nearby railroad bridge, where they jump a train headed to the U . S . border.
  3. From there, he would jump a train and catch a ride to Phoenix, just in case the ranchers also were stopping suspected vehicles of illegal-immigrant smugglers.
  4. One of the men and women, now in their 70s and 80s, who tell their stories on " Riding the Rails " says that the misery " bore down on you so hard that you said, ` Hell with it, I'm going to get out of here .'And the quickest, easiest way to get out was go jump a train and go somewhere ."
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