jumonville affair in a sentence

  1. The Jumonville affair caused a scandal in Europe, where it accelerated the expansion of the Seven Years'War.
  2. British statesman Horace Walpole referred to the controversy surrounding Jumonville's death as the " Jumonville Affair " and described it as " a volley fired by a young Virginian in the backwoods of America that set the world on fire ."
  3. The "'Battle of Jumonville Glen "', also known as the "'Jumonville affair "', was the opening battle of the French and Indian War fought on May 28, 1754 near what is present-day Virginia under the command of Lieutenant Colonel George Washington, and a small number of Mingo warriors led by Tanacharison ( also known as " Half King " ), ambushed a force of 35 Canadiens under the command of Joseph Coulon de Villiers de Jumonville.
  4. The surrender document that Washington signed prevented his men from returning to the Ohio Country for one year, and included an admission that Jumonville had been " assassinated " . ( The document was written in French, which Washington could not read, and may have been poorly translated for him . ) Because the French claimed that Jumonville's party had been on a diplomatic ( rather than military ) mission, the " Jumonville affair " became an international incident, and the military escalation that followed blossomed into the global Seven Years'War.
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