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  1. Mari is voiced by Marina Inoue while Jumonji by Junichi Suwabe.
  2. Jumonji had started photographing gold works of art in 1981.
  3. Jumonji said he was beaten by a stronger opponent.
  4. Jumonji, a No . 11 maegashira, improved to 4-2.
  5. Jumonji was born in Yokohama on 4 March 1947.
  6. It's difficult to find jumonji in a sentence.
  7. The bronze went to Takanobu Jumonji of Japan in 1 : 03.261.
  8. Rank-and-filers Buyuzan and Jumonji also stand at 5-1.
  9. From the article on the photographer Bishin Jumonji:
  10. Down till 1980, Jumonji made nineteen trips to first-generation Japanese immigrants.
  11. But his winning streak ended Friday against Jumonji, leaving him at 5-1.
  12. The day's most exciting matchup was between mid-ranked maegashiras Jumonji and Takanonami.
  13. This recently identified enzyme has a catalytically active site called the Jumonji domain ( JmjC ).
  14. In 1981, Jumonji went to Indochina to photograph the religious customs of the Yao people.
  15. She graduated from Jumonji Junior College.
  16. The protein encoded by this gene interacts with thyroid hormone receptors and contains a jumonji domain.
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