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  1. King Jumong proclaimed Yuri to be the Crown Prince of Goguryeo.
  2. The earliest mention of Jumong is in the 4th century Gwanggaeto Stele.
  3. There have been disputes over who the father of Jumong really was.
  4. At that time, Jumong's second wife Soseono was queen.
  5. Geumwa's seven sons resented Jumong, and so did he.
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  7. Jumong's biological father was said to be a man named Geumwa.
  8. Jumong was well known for his exceptional archery skills.
  9. From the egg hatched Jumong, who later founded the kingdom of Goguryeo.
  10. Leaving Eastern Buyeo, Jumong was known for his exceptional skill at archery.
  11. Jumong elected his first son, Yuri as the successor to the throne.
  12. Yuri became King upon Jumong's death later.
  13. The Stele and later Korean sources disagree as to which Buyeo Jumong came from.
  14. When Yuri later arrived in Goguryeo, Jumong promptly made him the crown prince.
  15. Goguryeo under Yuri did not display the strict expansionist policy that existed under Jumong.
  16. The series examines the life of Jumong, founder of the kingdom of Goguryeo.
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