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  1. With the release of " Jumon : Mirotic " they became the only foreign artist to have four number ones on the chart.
  2. The album is the first physical release by the group, being preceded by the free digital single " Taiyou no Jumon ".
  3. The new four-member group BiS made its debut on the indie record label Tsubasa Records with a free digital single called " Taiyou no Jumon " ( * Y } 杗0X0??? ).
  4. Then, in April 2011, they released the album " Brand-new idol Society ", which included " Taiyou no Jumon " and a cover of " One day ", a song originally by Pour Lui.
  5. ""'Mirotic "'" ( Japanese title : jT噀 " Jumon "; lit . " Magic Spell " ) is a song performed by TVXQ, released in South Korea as a digital single in September 2008 as the lead single from the group's album " Mirotic ", and was later re-released in Japanese as the group's 24th single in Japan, released on October 15, 2008.
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