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  1. With this in mind, Tank focused his efforts on the Junkers Jumo 213E as the Ta 152H's power plant.
  2. ;Fw 190 D-11 : Fitted with the up-rated Jumo 213F series engine similar to the Jumo 213E used in the Ta-152 H series but minus the intercooler.
  3. It was planned to use two 1, 305 kW ( 1, 750 hp ) Junkers Jumo 213E-1 engines, turning three-blade, Junkers VS 11 wooden-bladed variable-pitch propellers.
  4. About 47 L models seem to have been built, the majority as-1s with the BMW 801J engine, and just three-3s with the Jumo 213E . Fifteen K-1s were built; and only three J-1 models were produced.
  5. The V20 used the same Jumo 213E engine as the Fw 190 D-9, while the V21 used the DB 603E . Neither of these offered any significant improvement over the Fw 190 D-9, and so further development of the Ta 152A and B was cancelled.
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  7. With the BMW 801J or Jumo 213E, the fighter versions flew at 616 km / h ( 383 mph ) when equipped as a destroyer, losing about 25 km / h ( 16 mph ) to the eight-dipole " Hirschgeweih " antenna array used for late-war, radar and " Schr鋑e Musik " when equipped as night fighters.
  8. Some of the final G-series models received updates to the engines, using a pair of high-altitude Jumo 213E inverted V-12s with the same revised annular radiator design as the 213As already used, or to the radar, using the mid-VHF band ( centimetric ) radar, whose dish antenna was housed in a smoothly contoured radome on the G-6's nose.
  9. *1944  Focke-Wulf Fw 190C V33 prototype, Werke Nummer 0058, modified to Fw 190 V33 / U1 as prototype for Ta 152H-0 with 1, 750 hp ( 1, 300 kW ) Junkers Jumo 213E-1 engine and new wing fuel tanks of the definitive Ta 152H-1, comprising three tanks in each inner portion, located just aft of the truncated mainspar, first flown 12 July 1944, crashes out of Langenhagen, setting back the flight test program.
  10. One of the few German aircraft that could be equipped with both " Notleistung " systems, the late war Focke-Wulf Ta 152H high-altitude fighter, could attain a velocity of some 756 km / h ( 470 mph ) with both systems used together, reportedly as Kurt Tank once did in using both boost systems simultaneously when he was flying a Junkers Jumo 213E-powered Ta 152H prototype fitted with both MW 50 and GM-1, to escape a flight of P-51D Mustangs in April 1945.
  11. *1944  Focke-Wulf Fw 190 V18 / U1, Werke Nummer 0040, originally Fw 190A-0, ( utilized by Daimler-Benz for engine tests with Hirth exhaust turbine ), is rebuilt a second time to Fw 190C standard as Fw 190 V18 / U2 with 1, 750 hp ( 1, 300 kW ) Daimler-Benz DB 603A engine replaced by 1, 750 hp ( 1, 300 kW ) Jumo 213E . Aircraft, prototype for Ta 152H-1, crashes this date on test flight out of Langenhagen after just a few days in its new configuration.

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