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  1. (Julia Helgason writes for the Dayton Daily News . ).
  2. And that Julia Child became a master chef in her 50s.
  3. Julia was " the greatest appreciator of anything,"
  4. Julia is extremely talented, but she is also extremely young.
  5. Julia stood and danced some more in her red suede boots.
  6. It's difficult to find julia in a sentence.
  7. Julia Ormond, and Harrison Ford in the Humphrey Bogart part.
  8. Several summers ago, Julia Roberts was the hottest property around,
  9. What do you serve when Julia's coming for dinner?
  10. "New Coke ?, " asks Miss Julia.
  11. Julia Roberts in " Something to Talk About ."
  12. Julia manages to be dignified and charming while being slightly mysterious.
  13. Last year, Hugh Grant and Julia Ormand were potential stars.
  14. Rossiter as pastor at St . Julia's in Weston.
  15. "Flatliners " : Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland.
  16. Julia Roberts in " Something to Talk About,"
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