julia alvarez in a sentence

  1. Rosario was described by Julia Alvarez as " a Caribbean Scheherazade ."
  2. -- " Something to Declare, " essays by Julia Alvarez
  3. BOOK-REVIEW-ALVAREZ ( Undated ) _ Julia Alvarez leads a double life.
  4. He was married to Julia Alvarez Hernandez and he had one son, Fernando Prio.
  5. Fellow poet Julia Alvarez added : " Why be afraid of us, Mrs . Bush?
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  7. Julia Alvarez herself was not born in the Dominican Republic, but in the United States.
  8. Julia Alvarez, Ana Castillo, Denise Chavez and Sandra Cisneros are four young, brash Latina writers.
  9. Julia Alvarez ( Algonquin ) .-- " The Prince of West End Avenue,"
  10. Julia Alvarez writes about an uncle who on Christmas Eve was delivered from political oppression in the Dominican Republic.
  11. Special props perhaps to Team Julia Alvarez and Team Sandra Cisneros, but there's definite progress all around.
  12. "In the Time of the Butterflies " by Julia Alvarez ( Algonquin, $ 21.95 ).
  13. Established writers such as Cisneros, Isabel Allende and Julia Alvarez have enjoyed large followings, in both English and Spanish.
  14. In 2003, Parini along with Julia Alvarez and Galway Kinnell were invited to read their poetry at the White House.
  15. (Julia Alvarez, a novelist, teaches at Middlebury College . )---- Copyright 1997 Julia Alvarez-0-
  16. (Julia Alvarez, a novelist, teaches at Middlebury College . )---- Copyright 1997 Julia Alvarez-0-
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