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  1. The journeymen filed past the police guards and into the market.
  2. We all got more than our fill of journeymen last season.
  3. At journeyman level, a group portrait may not look difficult.
  4. Apprentices start at a wage typically half that of a journeyman.
  5. The Americans have gone from journeymen to masters of the trade.
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  7. "I don't want to be a journeyman.
  8. Journeyman jazz pianist Jamal has long believed in the trio format.
  9. Plummer, for instance, replaced Kent Graham, a journeyman.
  10. But the six-year journeyman saved the best for last.
  11. He's lost his starting job to journeyman Tony Massenburg.
  12. Journeyman Pat Lawler is probably the best fighter Goossen has beaten.
  13. Ron Villone, a journeyman reliever, becomes a soild starter.
  14. I met John and Michelle; they were in the Journeymen.
  15. And Mihm doesn't want to be a journeyman player.
  16. Delk is a 6-2 backup, journeyman point guard.
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