journeyman quarterback in a sentence

  1. A journeyman quarterback, Beuerlein was convicted of not being properly submissive.
  2. Topic : The success of journeyman quarterbacks in the NFL this season.
  3. He has put his faith in the journeyman quarterback.
  4. The Dolphins have loaded up on the journeymen quarterbacks.
  5. Journeyman quarterback Jeff Blake will again be asked to fill the void on offense.
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  7. He got three high picks from the Saints for Steve Walsh, a journeyman quarterback.
  8. It also features Rich Gannon, a journeyman quarterback who finally found a home in Oakland.
  9. Jim Miller, the journeyman quarterback, isn't McNabb, but . . ..
  10. He drafted four more starters, and traded for journeyman quarterback Chris Chandler and receiver Tony Martin.
  11. Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson meet again, the classic journeymen quarterbacks with their journeys now complete.
  12. But Sunday, by handing the ball to journeyman quarterback John Friesz, Erickson's luck changed.
  13. True journeymen quarterbacks play for several teams in a career, and may go several years between starting jobs.
  14. The Raiders have signed journeyman quarterback Jeff Graham, formerly of Long Beach State and most recently the Seattle Seahawks.
  15. Atlanta made the Super Bowl with a guy who was a journeyman quarterback ( Chris Chandler ) until this year.
  16. The Chiefs said Friday they have signed the 38-year-old journeyman quarterback to a one-year deal.
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