journeyman footballer in a sentence

  1. 羖varez is a typical example of the South American international journeyman footballer.
  2. He was a journeyman footballer playing for nine clubs in seven different countries.
  3. A journeyman footballer, Hofst鎑ter most notably played for Start in the Norwegian Premier League.
  4. Wreh's career never reached the same heights as it had at Arsenal, as he became somewhat of a journeyman footballer.
  5. After a brief return to Independiente Reinoso became a journeyman footballer, playing all over Latin America for clubs such as Uni髇 Espa駉la, Santiago Wanderers, Palestino and Jorge Wilstermann and Oriente Petrolero in Bolivia.
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  7. He felt he had become a journeyman footballer and lost motivation as he believed that apart from Moore, Geoff Hurst, Billy Bonds and Pop Robson, few of his team-mates could play good football.
  8. Gordon, who was born in Croydon, South London, is an example of a journeyman footballer having represented 20 different clubs during an 18-year career, but despite this he had only played for two clubs in his first ten years in the game but spent his latter years playing for numerous clubs.
  9. O'Leary notes as significant the fact that whilst star football players will be treated with lenience by clubs, for journeyman footballers the taking of recreational drugs usually terminates their careers . ( He gives Roger Stanislaus and Craig Whitington as examples . ) Clubs will regard it as worthwhile to wait for stars to become available for team selection after suspension or imprisonment, but not for journeymen.

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