journeyed in a sentence

"journeyed" in Chinese  
  1. The newest members journeyed to Habonim from a much shorter distance.
  2. Platt was with Nixon when he journeyed to the Great Wall.
  3. They had journeyed 100 kilometers ( 60 miles ) to safety.
  4. Ohio Gov . Voinovich has journeyed overseas seven times since 1991.
  5. Raborn and Helms soon journeyed to the LBJ ranch in Texas.
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  7. He journeyed to Rome in 1482 with his master, Rosselli.
  8. Brian then journeyed with Thor into a dimension ruled by Juggernaut.
  9. The Naturalist William Bartram journeyed through Ocmulgee in 1774 and 1776.
  10. He journeyed to America to search for the missing Black Bolt.
  11. Volkmar raised an army and journeyed to Kislev to confront Archaon.
  12. He journeyed to K'ai to create a paradise valley.
  13. In 1917, Feinberg again journeyed to Egypt, on foot.
  14. They often journeyed by helicopters because some areas had no roads.
  15. In August 1821 Daniell once again journeyed north to Saint Andrews.
  16. He journeyed to Venice, but surprisingly, never to Rome.
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