journey to in a sentence

  1. There were no more journeys to find bodies and no interviews.
  2. The play's journey to the stage began in 1980.
  3. For Mubarak, it was his first journey to Jerusalem ever.
  4. The journey to the Olympics is a long and tiring one.
  5. She made a phone call and began her journey to recovery.
  6. It's difficult to find journey to in a sentence.
  7. Her mind wandered on the journey to Seattle three years ago.
  8. Sheldon's journey to the pros had a limping start.
  9. The Indians will journey to Baltimore for the American League Championship.
  10. The journey to Easter is not mournful denial of our humanity.
  11. Entertainment ranges from the Pointer Sisters to Journey to Chaka Kahn.
  12. Soraya's journey to Christianity began with the Iranian Revolution.
  13. Let us set out a new journey to the best America,
  14. Marroquin said on Thursday morning on his long journey to school.
  15. The quest started, with no plans to journey to Queens.
  16. Their journeys to this phase of their careers need some perspective.
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