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  1. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has already launched such a service.
  2. Both reports appeared in The Journal of the American Medical Association.
  3. The new policy was disclosed Thursday by the Journal of Commerce.
  4. So he has established an occasional journal dedicated to promoting tolerance.
  5. Peter Kann and Karen Elliott House, The Wall Street Journal.
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  7. He became publisher of The Atlanta Journal and Constitution in 1984.
  8. Articles on gun injuries also appear more frequently in medical journals.
  9. Dow Jones owns The Wall Street Journal and Barron's.
  10. The findings are being reported today in The Journal of Science.
  11. The Journal has a total newsroom staff of more than 470.
  12. Source : The Journal-Constitution's Southern Life Poll.
  13. The new findings are being published Friday in the journal Science.
  14. (Husted writes for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution . ).
  15. (Wittekind writes for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution . ).
  16. (Jensen writes for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution . ).
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