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  1. The drive failure resulted in data loss on the Electronic Journal Center; a complete reload of the Electronic Journal Center s content was completed six weeks after the initial crash.
  2. The transit center is designed to link residents in the north valley neighborhoods to both ABQ RIDE and the Rail Runner, and to relieve overcrowded parking lots at the Los Ranchos / Journal Center station.
  3. There are connections to numerous ABQRide routes ( including Rapid Ride ) in Downtown Albuquerque as well as ABQRide routes at the Los Ranchos / Journal Center, Monta駉, and Bernalillo County / International Sunport stations.
  4. The University of New Mexico, the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, Nob Hill, the Uptown area which includes two shopping malls ( Coronado Center and ABQ Uptown ), Hoffmantown, Journal Center, and Balloon Fiesta Park are all located in this quadrant.
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