journal building in a sentence

  1. That same year he also added another story to the Sioux City Journal building in Sioux City.
  2. The police bomb squad exploded a hand grenade Tuesday that was discovered in a newspaper vending box outside the Albuquerque Journal building.
  3. A few years ago, journalist Dick Fagan got tired of gazing down from the old Oregon Journal building to the weedy median.
  4. Additionally, Mason & Company were situated in the Journal Building and Presbyterian Board of Publication was located at 4 West Fayette Street.
  5. The "'Somerville Journal Building "'is a historic commercial building at 8-10 Walnut Street in Somerville, Massachusetts.
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  7. Also in 1879, Child Hamilton was located in the Journal Building and Davis, Bardeen & Company in the White Memorial Building in Vanderbilt Square.
  8. A rather serious fire in the Journal building, only about a block east of the Times building, was a factor in bringing about the amalgamation.
  9. It plans to develop a tower on the site of the former Jersey Journal building as well as twin towers on a vacant lot at Journal Square.
  10. When I started to work in the old Atlanta Journal building at 10 Forsyth St ., we had decrepit pre-Depression typewriters and no air conditioning.
  11. The antenna was a long wire suspended from two towers ( one on the Journal Building and the other on the roof of the Carolina Theater building ).
  12. The offices of CityLife were currently housed alongside the Las Vegas Review-Journal building, at 1111 W . Bonanza Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89106.
  13. "I saw the explosion through my window as I was working, " said Mark Johnson, a computer programmer in an office on the fifth floor of the Journal building.
  14. Today a detailed mural of " Black Watch " is painted on the old Hants Journal building on Gerrish Street in Windsor as a proud reminder of the community's shipbuilding heritage.
  15. An expansion to the Tegler building was needed by 1913 and so Robert Tegler started construction on the third floor over top of the Edmonton Journal building, eventually building down to ground level when the Edmonton Journal moved.
  16. Today a detailed mural of the " Black Watch " is painted on the old Hants Journal building on Gerrish Street in Windsor, N . S . as a proud reminder of the community's shipbuilding heritage.
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