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  1. A fictional story in one of their journal articles illustrates this fact:
  2. No force to be used, " according the New England Journal article.
  3. During his life he published only a handful of law journal articles.
  4. My only knowledge is the Wall Street Journal article; it surprised me
  5. The talk runs the gamut, from medical journal articles to bookkeeping matters.
  6. It's difficult to find journal article in a sentence.
  7. She begged doctors for medical journal articles she could read on encephalitis.
  8. The books are linked with reviews and from citations in journal articles.
  9. His several books and many journal articles are largely in those areas.
  10. The researchers declined to disclose the precise contents of the journal article.
  11. Journal articles " have a lot of dropped intros, " he said.
  12. Freeh wrote in a Wall Street Journal article introduced in the lawsuit.
  13. He was the author of some 20 books and 300 journal articles.
  14. The journal article questioned whether complicated bindings might contribute to the danger.
  15. He has published 6 books and over 40 journal articles . ".
  16. Scholars doing research publish their results in books and journal articles.
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