journal and magazine in a sentence

"journal and magazine" in Chinese  
  1. In the minds of most people, journals and magazines are the same.
  2. She wrote short stories and articles published in numerous journals and magazines.
  3. The library at IIIT Bhubaneswar have a collection of books journals and magazines.
  4. Hundreds of his works have been published in local newspapers, journals and magazines.
  5. It subscribes a large number of nationally and internationally acclaimed journals and magazines.
  6. It's difficult to find journal and magazine in a sentence.
  7. Lichtman has authored and edited books, book chapters, and journal and magazine articles.
  8. His critical essays have appeared in numerous anthologies, journals and magazines.
  9. Kort is the author of four books and numerous journal and magazine articles.
  10. The library holds about 8000 books, and more than 20 journals and magazines.
  11. A great number of his journal and magazine pieces have never been catalogued.
  12. He was much sought after later, illustrating books, plates for journals and magazine.
  13. It subscribes to local and some international journals and magazines.
  14. He wrote four books and numerous articles for the leading agricultural journals and magazines.
  15. His illustrations and caricatures were published in numerous journals and magazines of the time.
  16. In 1967 he began writing for music journals and magazines.
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