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  1. One thing he has going for him is extensive journals and diaries.
  2. The records are supported by personal journals and diaries maintained by Smith's followers.
  3. All of these things sounded so simple in the old journals and diaries.
  4. Kaczynski's journals and diaries described how patiently and methodically he planned his attacks.
  5. Thoughtfully, she sifted through her personal journals and diaries, and began considering her options.
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  7. There are many American journals and diaries of the era that have been published.
  8. He holds Lolo Melo's old journal and diary, crucial to the location of the treasure.
  9. The newest journals and diaries for girls are electronic.
  10. _Store journals and diaries in a safe place.
  11. Those keys on journals and diaries are as effective as " KEEP OUT : PRIVATE " signs.
  12. In fact, Price's unusual autobiographical memory has been attributed as a byproduct of compulsively making journal and diary entries.
  13. This species was one of two described by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the journals and diaries of their expedition.
  14. His journals and diaries survive for 1937 1970 as does his correspondence with good friend John Betjeman from 1954 to 1973.
  15. And lest you think this is just idle gossip, many of the remarks are based on material found in actual journals and diaries.
  16. So what we did with the journals and diaries and notes was to use them as an interface to the world of secrets.
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