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  1. But an industry source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the Journal account.
  2. Bush was quoted in the Wall Street Journal account of the meeting with Catholics.
  3. "The NBC report, The Wall Street Journal account and today's New York Times article are not anomalies.
  4. She maintained a live journal account from 2004-2010 where she wrote extensively on burlesque, sex work, women s issues.
  5. John McCarty, a longtime Santa Fe resident who was a Frito-Lay executive for years, backed up the Journal account.
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  7. He notes that no known period journal accounts or contemporary eyewitness diaries describe Lord Howe's remains being carried away from the battlefield and placed on a barge.
  8. According to a Wall Street Journal account last year, the 35-year-old firm makes more than half of the 30 billion foam cups sold annually in the United States.
  9. Shedwick's journal account of the accident differs in one significant detail from the versions given by the mother, Marie Boyer, and by a Valdez newspaper article that ran five years later.
  10. Woodruff learned to fly fish in England, and his 1847 journal account of his fishing in the East Fork River is the earliest known account of fly fishing west of the Mississippi River.
  11. Another Providence Journal account of an exhumation said South County residents says they learned the practice from their ancestors, writes Bell, which " hints at a longstanding oral tradition for the vampire practice ."
  12. Then, according to a journal account by Rosalie Hare, wife of the captain of the " Caroline " who was staying with Curr and his wife, they killed 12 men in a surprise night time raid.
  13. Black's vivid journal account of the expedition conveys the extreme hardships faced by the crew, and what Black believed was the general privation of the country  both as a source of food and of furs.
  14. Because he keeps blanking on how to access his online Wall Street Journal account, he re-registers under new user IDs _ to the point that he would now need octuplets to keep up with the Dow Joneses.
  15. When " friend of " is allowed, journal accounts who have friended the user and who are also friended are listed in neither " friend of " nor'friend ", but rather a third category, " mutual friends ".
  16. "Dispatch boat " was a term used by the United States Navy in its journal accounts to describe boats which carried messages, or mail otherwise termed dispatches between high-ranking military officials aboard other ships or to land-based destinations.
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