journade in a sentence

  1. The day became known as " La Male Journade " because of the immense loss of life suffered by the citizens of Bordeaux.
  2. "The Complete Costume Dictionary " by Elizabeth J . Lewandowski describes the journade as a " short, circular garment worn for riding.
  3. A sideless overgown or tabard, called a " giornea " in Italy and a " journade " in France, was popular.
  4. On 1 November 1450, a day remembered as " La Male Journade " ( " the bad day " ) in Bordelais history, the citizens of Bordeaux, along with English men-at-arms and Gascon knights, sallied forth to defend the city from the encroaching armies of Amanieu of Orval, Poton de Xaintrailles, and Jean Bureau.
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