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  1. The end result is the word transcribed as " joual ".
  2. It was one of the first artistic uses of the street language called joual.
  3. It transformed the old guard of Canadian theatre and introduced joual to the mainstream.
  4. Following the " Les Belles sSurs, " written in Qu閎閏ois joual.
  5. The vowel is not diphthongized by some speakers, and is only diphthongized in Joual.
  6. It's difficult to find joual in a sentence.
  7. Laurendeau is known for having popularized the word " " joual " ".
  8. His lyrics, often written in joual, are funny, relying upon plays on words.
  9. "Joual " shares many features with modern O飈 languages, such as koin?of Paris.
  10. Another outstanding characteristic of " Joual " is the use of profanity called sacre in everyday speech.
  11. He also criticized the poor quality of the French language in Quebec, which he called " joual ".
  12. It was also his first album to feature lyrics written and sung in the " joual " register of Quebec French.
  13. The proper word or words you were looking for are either french-canadian or at the most extreme, joual . ( pron . joo-al)
  14. I tend to love the most blue-collar, down-to-earth, difficult to comprehend dialects of languages, especial the joual version of Qu閎ecois French.
  15. Other independent workshops related to NKS research have been also organized overseas, such as JOUAL ( Just One Universal Algorithm ) at the CNR in Pisa, Italy in 2009.
  16. Born in 1922 in Lowell, Mass ., to working-class, immigrant French Canadian parents, he grew up speaking joual, a dialect often unintelligible to natives of France.
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