jots in a sentence

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  1. But I didn't subscribe to every jot and tiddle.
  2. Don't be afraid to jot down notes to yourself.
  3. So you carry a pencil with you and jot that down.
  4. Waiters jot down their orders and deliver the food and beverages.
  5. I _ that is just _ that is jot my nature.
  6. It's difficult to find jots in a sentence.
  7. For handwriting recognition, it uses Jot from Communication Intelligence Corp.
  8. The Syrian regime does not care a jot if Beirut burns.
  9. You ask the name of the building to jot it down.
  10. Do you jot down the Internet addresses that appear in magazines?
  11. A nurse jots down insurance information, then takes her temperature.
  12. But dozens of friends and relatives felt compelled to jot testimonials.
  13. The children could tote them along and jot down their observations.
  14. After that it matters not one jot what your sexuality is.
  15. Rejepi said, continuing to jot down details as she spoke.
  16. Nothing else matters one jot nor can anything ever change it.
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