java程序设计 in a sentence

  1. This tutorials assumes that you have a solid understanding of java programming
  2. You don t want to stay with a safe , conservative language , like the java programming language
  3. He is a certified java programmer with a degree in maths and computation from oxford university
  4. While inheritance is common in java programming , it can cause some headaches when you consider it in the context of web services
  5. Secondly , the author introduces the content of java programming language and grid programming technology and a brief summary of the model designs , which required grid application development tool of java
  6. java程序设计造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  7. In the windows 2000 environment , the image retrieval demo system , which was based on the image color characteristic and used the search algorithm of the correlation and polymerization histogram , was implemented with java programming language and mysql database management system
  8. Studing and realizing parallel and concurrent mechanism in the reusable components is an important content of par method and a sub - research project of the nation ' s natural science fund project " " research on the development method of java program with high reliability in partition - and - recur "
  9. Dynamic assignment problem in a large cellular system can be formulated as an dynamic programming problem , by using java programming to simulate the rl arithmetic and fixed channel assignment , and comparing the blocking probability of them with the conditions of changing the cell configurations and parameters
  10. On the end , this thesis started with the analysis of the demand and function of the net e - filing system , designed the database and environment according to the multilayer system structure and operation flow . , made the object - oriented analysis and design using uml modeling language and finished coding using java programming language . fully accomplished an internet tax e - filingsystem based on middle - ware and j2ee platform . the data from experimental unit indicate that the system is steady and reliable , reduces the time , increase the degree of satisfaction of taxpayer , validate the research production
  11. The author has been working on videoconference system research for about 1 and a half years , during which time has undertaken the planning and construction work of the remote education h . 323 videoconference system for the online education academy of sichuan university , the construction work of the encrypted videoconference system for the secrecy bureau of chengdu government , and the development work of the videoconference system for beijing shixun inc , and also some research works in java programming and jmf areas
    作者从事视频会议系统的研究工作近一年半的时间,其间参加过四川大学网络教育学院的用于远程教育的h . 323视频会议系统的规划和建设、成都市市委机要局的保密视频会议的建设和北京视讯公司的视频会议系统的开发,以及相关的java程序设计和jmf的研究。

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