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  1. Japan Airlines operated flights from Fukuoka to Hawaii until withdrawing in 2005.
  2. It excludes airports that were only operated by parent airline Japan Airlines.
  3. The group carried Japan Airlines tickets to Beijing for Monday, Kyodo said.
  4. He died in the Japan Airlines Flight 471 airplane accident in 1972.
  5. So the Japanese Emnbassy and Japan Airlines must see him as notable.
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  7. For example, Japan Airlines owns the Sakura Lounge on the fourth floor.
  8. Japan Airlines helped pull aviation stocks higher, rising 11 to 626 yen.
  9. A Japan Airlines flight from Sydney to Japan was canceled, he said.
  10. In Tokyo trading Wednesday, Japan Airlines was down 28 yen to 877.
  11. Even Ogawa was not afraid to warn Japan Airlines that risks remain.
  12. Japan Airlines has taken the battle for first-class passengers into the toilet.
  13. Japan Airlines Co . fell as much as 9 yen to 498.
  14. Top ranked Japan Airlines Co . rose 21 yen to 749 yen.
  15. In this case Valerie was sponsored by Miss Paris and Japan Airlines.
  16. This time, higher fuel costs have thrown Japan Airlines off course.
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