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  1. Morgan Freeman makes his jailhouse narrator the bedrock of the tale.
  2. And then there's his jailhouse counselor, Rosie Grier.
  3. On Friday, he declined media requests for a jailhouse interview.
  4. And he's turned into a pretty good jailhouse lawyer.
  5. A Jailhouse REIT Investors can't seem to get enough.
  6. It's difficult to find jailhouse in a sentence.
  7. His mobility was hobbled by a set of jailhouse ankle chains.
  8. There is a shirt from " Jailhouse Rock ."
  9. Try orange jailhouse jump suits, with stainless-steel shackles.
  10. An inmate allegedly strangled a psychiatrist during a jailhouse evaluation session.
  11. Marsh, 28, refused a request for a jailhouse interview.
  12. Kopp told The Buffalo News in a jailhouse interview published Wednesday.
  13. Zeta-Jones co-stars as her conniving jailhouse rival.
  14. Another, the former jailhouse, was determined eligible for listing.
  15. Muggs and Glimpy then go to the jailhouse to question Danny.
  16. Those comments were said to have been overheard by a jailhouse guard.
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