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  1. Some observers like liberal economist Jacques Marseille or journalist Alain Duhamel have considered Sarkozysm to be a mix of modern Bonapartism and pragmatism.
  2. Even today, the expression of the eternal second and of a Poulidor Complex is associated with a hard life, as an article by Jacques Marseille showed in " Le Figaro " when it was headlined " This country is suffering from a Poulidor Complex ".
  3. Jacques Marseille noted that the growth of in the standard of living has been as significant between 1973 and 2003 as in the period of the "'Trente glorieuses "', in absolute numbers, but below that period in relative numbers, given higher inflation numbers.
  4. Insisting that the period was not that of an economic miracle, but a mere catching up following an economic lag, French historian Jacques Marseille noted that if the economy had constantly grown at the same rate as that of the ?Belle 蓀oque ? the wealth would have been the same at the beginning of the 1970s as that actually reached after the Trente glorieuses.
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