its in a sentence

"its" meaning  "its" in Chinese  
  1. "I like it, " he explains simply.
  2. It will be very quiet on the pampas today, too.
  3. If he keeps doing it, eventually someone might take notice.
  4. It's easy for Neil Jacobson to talk ."
  5. It is not known when the transaction can be announced officially.
  6. It's difficult to find its in a sentence.
  7. Its sales for the year could easily reach $ 10 billion.
  8. It's a closing chapter in my life ."
  9. But it's still right up my alley ."
  10. But it wasn't originally in her plans for him.
  11. Let's see how many take them up on it.
  12. It has a new interactive, animated tutorial to help beginners.
  13. I could not get it lemony enough with a fine crumb.
  14. It seemed he could do it in a very real way.
  15. It seemed he could do it in a very real way.
  16. Its corporate profits are expected to jump 22 percent this year.
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