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  1. The last revision of the ITRS Roadmap was published in 2013.
  2. This is important in microelectronics and especially the ITRS reduction in minimum feature size.
  3. Insertion of splice sites allows for the removal of the ITRs from the transcript.
  4. The naming is formally determined by the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors ( ITRS ).
  5. The path of process improvements was summarized by the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors ( ITRS ).
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  7. The ITRs located 5'and 3'of the viral genome serve as the origin of replication.
  8. :" The main disadvantage of the ITRS and WGS84 lies in the fact that they are global systems.
  9. With regard to gene therapy, ITRs seem to be the only sequences required " reporter or therapeutic gene.
  10. The final ITRS was issued in 2016, and it is being replaced by the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems.
  11. Since then ETRS89 and ITRS diverge due to the continental drift at a speed about 2.5 cm per year.
  12. The Constitution and Convention of ITU provides for the amendment of ITRs through a World Conference on International Telecommunications ( WCIT ).
  13. The AAV ITRs of two genomes can anneal to form head to tail concatamers, almost doubling the capacity of the vector.
  14. It defined the IERS Reference Meridian, the International Terrestrial Reference System ( ITRS ), and subsequent International Terrestrial Reference Frames ( ITRF ).
  15. In 2007, the International Technical Roadmap for Semiconductors ( ITRS ) contains NEMS Memory as a new entry for the Emerging Research Devices section.
  16. However, it was also published that the ITRs are not the only elements required " in cis " for the effective replication and encapsidation.
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