item by in a sentence

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  1. Item by item, room by room, the house was sanitized and deodorized.
  2. It sold items by students and designers of the South Kensington School.
  3. Spencer earns a variety of weaponry and items by defeating level bosses.
  4. They take food items by hopping along limbs and gleaning for prey.
  5. Ask them to recycle the items by giving them to less-fortunate children.
  6. It's difficult to find item by in a sentence.
  7. During this mode, players can also find restorative items by collect lamps.
  8. But consumers do not have to sort through it item by item.
  9. Buyers can browse for items by category or by the charity benefited.
  10. The variety programme had a dance item by Jaya, Preithy and gang.
  11. You could unpack his knapsack and take an inventory item by item.
  12. The player obtains items by trading with or buying from the natives.
  13. They are indexes and category schemes to relate items by location.
  14. He also created an item by using Asunas magic canceling power.
  15. "We've had to do it item by item, bullet by bullet,"
  16. Of course he did not produce all these items by himself.
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