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  1. The Itel Corporation purchased the railroad in July 1975.
  2. ITEL Leasing ( including the PLCX reporting mark ) was later changed to GE Leasing.
  3. The film was financed by the Australian Film Finance Corporation, Film Four International and Itel.
  4. The remainder was sold by the Itel Corporation to Gulf & Ohio subsidiary H and S Railroad.
  5. A daughter, Itel, perished with her husband and young daughter at the hands of the Nazis.
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  7. Antec went public in September 1993, when parent company Itel Corp . ( NYSE : ITL ) spun it off.
  8. Ten-car units of Jacobs articulated flatcars for transportation of road semi-trailers were built for the Itel Corporation.
  9. A joint venture between National Semiconductor and Hitachi formed in 1977 was contracted by Itel to manufacture IBM-compatible mainframes branded as Advanced Systems.
  10. Using Itel's and Great American's tax credits to shelter profits, Zell and Lurie went on a buying spree in the 80s.
  11. In Eastern Siberia, R1a1a is found among certain indigenous ethnic groups including Kamchatkans and Chukotkans, and peaking in Itel'man at 22 %.
  12. In February, 2010 REVE brought the ultimate billing solution  " iTel Switch plus "  a versatile switching platform with integrated billing in the global market.
  13. They liked that investment so much that in 1984, they went after the Itel Corp ., a computer leasing company that had also gone through bankruptcy protection.
  14. With more than $ 400 million in tax credits on its books, Itel fit the Zell-Lurie modus operandi, and they engaged in a battle for control.
  15. Under this arrangement, Anglia acquired half-ownership in Citadel, an HBO production subsidiary; Time Warner subsequently acquired 50 percent of Itel, Anglia's distribution unit.
  16. As the company grew, it moved from its old location to the regional office at VoIP calls made which was titled as " iTel Billing " launched officially in 2005.
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