it just is in a sentence

  1. The program is not misguided, it just is not complete,
  2. It is not earned or deserved, it just is.
  3. Don't ask me why, it just is.
  4. I can't explain why; it just is.
  5. "I don't know why, it just is.
  6. It's difficult to find it just is in a sentence.
  7. It shouldn't be, but it just is.
  8. It just is _ every year, no matter what.
  9. Its just I want to work at one article at a time.
  10. That's not necessarily bad, it just is.
  11. Nothing against Bill, but it just is an opinion.
  12. You know, it just is what it is.
  13. It just is the only number they know and so they call it.
  14. "It just is a big recharge, " he continued.
  15. I'm not sure why that is, but it just is.
  16.  " A spark can t be rationalised, it just is.
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