it just depends in a sentence

"it just depends" in Chinese  
  1. It just depends on how offensive coordinators scout us and play us.
  2. It just depends on whether Gingrich and Armey want it to happen.
  3. It just depends on what happens and where the Cup ends up.
  4. It just depends on how I can get my body in shape.
  5. I think it just depends on the team and what it needs,
  6. It's difficult to find it just depends in a sentence.
  7. It just depends on when those storms come and where they come.
  8. It just depends on how close you are and how you see them.
  9. It just depends whether you can pitch through them or not.
  10. Neither setup is necessarily better _ it just depends on your usage habits.
  11. It just depends on how fast they can mature and learn the system.
  12. It just depends on how they decide to select the team.
  13. It just depends on who goes with who when it comes to showtime.
  14. It just depends on whether they have the skill sets and the experience.
  15. It just depends on which direction the nation wants to go.
  16. It just depends on the way he gets away from the starting gate.
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