it item in a sentence

"it item" in Chinese  
  1. The MoMA is proud that all of its items serve a function.
  2. But consumers do not have to sort through it item by item.
  3. Its item description contains a reference to Fallout ( video game ).
  4. "We've had to do it item by item, bullet by bullet,"
  5. Its items are all presented in the multiple choice format.
  6. It's difficult to find it item in a sentence.
  7. Many of those got-to-have-it items are up for grabs.
  8. "' Poundworld "'is a British value variety store that sells most of its items for ?.
  9. And to the Seder Plate, with its items symbolizing the liberation story, women add an orange.
  10. Who ever entered all 24 items correctly won the " Swag Bag " and its items.
  11. "It's such a see-it, feel-it, touch-it item,"
  12. But one fact that Christie's officials tried to ignore was that one-third of its items did not sell.
  13. He won a $ 25 judgment, but the store still refused to stamp prices on most of its items.
  14. The other items subgroup will shrink, as many of its items moved to the new education and communication category.
  15. Its items are worded using standard and colloquial terminology, and responses are scored on a simple 4 choice scale.
  16. Often additional sacristies are used for maintaining the church and its items  such as candles and other materials.
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