it is your turn in a sentence

"it is your turn" in Chinese  
  1. "When it is your turn, it is your turn, " he said.
  2. "When it is your turn, it is your turn, " he said.
  3. You can frame your own response when it is your turn to speak.
  4. You ump the playoffs simply because it is your turn.
  5. "He told me, ` Now it is your turn, "'
  6. It's difficult to find it is your turn in a sentence.
  7. All you can do is hope that somehow, with a little luck, it is your turn.
  8. Now it is your turn of phrase his intended inamoratas are drawn to, your flirtatiousness and allure.
  9. Dingbatdan, it is your turn to ask the question .-- Talk ) 13 : 14, 29 June 2006 ( UTC)
  10. Perhaps it is your turn to pass your knowledge on by adding to articles instead of sitting in the popcorn seats.
  11. "It's all about preparing when it's not your turn and then when it is your turn, you hit and move on.
  12. You run the economy, now it is your turn to take care of Mother Earth " .  Hil Hern醤dez, represented Chile.
  13. And when the build and repair has been completed, it is your turn to look in awe at the bill you have to foot.
  14. "Now, at the dawn of the third millennium, it is your turn to go out into the world to preach the message, " he said.
  15. The message we want to get across to women is that there is someone here to help when it is your turn for a hazing.
  16. Place the men on your chess-board according to the diagram, suppose yourself to be playing the white Pieces, and that it is your turn to move.
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