it is worth while in a sentence

"it is worth while" in Chinese  
  1. Was it not in order to show man, through His example, that no decision is too hard, that it is worth while bearing anything in order not to remain in the womb of the One?
  2. William Ruhlmann of AllMusic expressed that the score is not a lost classic but that it is worth while for anyone who enjoys the move and that it is none the less seen as supperior to that of the 2004 film by most critcs.
  3. A few days after the birth, Byron went to his sister's house Swynford Paddocks in Cambridgeshire to see the child, and wrote, in a letter to Lady Melbourne, his confidante : " Oh, but it is not an ape, and it is worth while " ( a child of an incestuous relationship was thought likely to be deformed ).
  4. Livy writes : " Since Masinissa was by far the greatest of all the kings of his time and rendered much the most valuable service to Rome, I feel that it is worth while to digress a little in order to tell [ his ] story . . . . " Livy informs us of Masinissa's early military services to Carthage and of his and Carthage's victory over the Masaesyli led by Syphax.
  5. In " The Rivers of Great Britain " ( 1897 ) Charles Edwardes wrote : " " If you wish to see Teifi, or Tivy, quite to its end, it is worth while to go north another three miles, to Gwbert-on-the-Sea, a distinctly primitive and pleasing watering-place, facing Kemmaes Head, with the mile and a half of Teifi's mouth ( at its widest ) intervening . ""
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