it is well in a sentence

  1. I think it is well known enough that it might work.
  2. The technology is not really new and it is well understood.
  3. It is well on his way out of the chemical business.
  4. But at least it is well-aged, vigorous twaddle.
  5. It is well balanced, with a long, attractive finish.
  6. It's difficult to find it is well in a sentence.
  7. It is well established that exercise helps elderly people live longer.
  8. His film is as timeless as it is well-timed.
  9. It is well known that you can only catch fish yesterday.
  10. Now it is well within the boundaries of the sprawling city.
  11. It is well known in the area for its awkward shape.
  12. It is well known for its gastronomy and quality of life.
  13. It is well known, and a popular Sydney tourist destination.
  14. I think it is well arguable that the image is offensive.
  15. It is well-known among tourists for its superb beaches.
  16. It is well off the beaten track, with few tourists.
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