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  1. Ocracoke Island's 40 horses are kept in a paddock.
  2. The island has a shrine that is popular with Taiwanese tourists.
  3. It gives Long Island and my company the opportunity to grow.
  4. One could see ferries scooting like waterbugs all around the islands.
  5. SEFER KIR, a service-station owner on Long Island.
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  7. This has got to be the safest place on Long Island.
  8. Walz designed a center island to resemble an old farm table.
  9. Castro was scheduled to address his island country on state television.
  10. On Staten Island, Rep . Susan Molinari is publicly critical.
  11. Cuba is a small island and my show was very popular.
  12. Many in this tropical island in the Indian Ocean remain wary.
  13. Meanwhile, in Island Park, Jose Rodriguez was beside himself.
  14. Like " The Emperor's Last Island,"
  15. Nostalgia aside, the Sea Islands have never been a utopia.
  16. It is a lonely point at the end of the island.
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