island three in a sentence

  1. In June 1933, a Japanese ship visited Attu Island three times.
  2. The Palestinian leader visited the Caribbean island three times.
  3. Longworth was also high sheriff for Queens County, Prince Edward Island three times.
  4. Kim attempted to escape the island three times, but all his attempts failed.
  5. Dolphin Encounters operates in a natural lagoon on an island three miles northeast of Nassau.
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  7. Camera and other crews were sent to the island three weeks in advance for testing.
  8. He moved to the Caribbean island three years ago to undergo drug rehabilitation for cocaine abuse.
  9. He represented the Cayman Islands three times at the 2010 Caribbean Championship, scoring two goals.
  10. Hillary Clinton, who is a senator representing New York, also has visited the island three times.
  11. They moored in quiet water off Squaw Island three miles from Lake Erie waiting for favorable northeast winds.
  12. He toured the island three years before his election, and insisted on crawling into a cramped holding cell.
  13. The British government agreed to offer the islands three seats of their own in the British House of Commons.
  14. He has been Minister of Fisheries of the Faroe Islands three times, last time was from 2012 to 2015.
  15. The Category 4 storm destroyed part of Grenada's Richmond Hill Prison when it devastated the island three weeks ago.
  16. Paul the Apostle remained on the islands three months, preaching the Christian faith, which has since thrived on Malta.
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