island the in a sentence

  1. Admiral Robert left the island the same day for the United States.
  2. Shillingford continued to play domestic cricket until Windward Islands the following season.
  3. Alexander decided to make the island the site of an Augustinian monastery.
  4. In the Aleutian Islands the word simply means " animal skin ".
  5. While at Valcour Island the fleet trained and waited for the British.
  6. It's difficult to find island the in a sentence.
  7. Proportionately, the Bronx would have grown the most, Staten Island the least.
  8. This makes Gibson Island the most expensive zip code in the country.
  9. Putnam arrived on Long Island the next day along with six battalions.
  10. Near the Falkland Islands the ship wrecked and the statue was thought lost.
  11. That gives the island the third-highest toll after mainland China and Hong Kong.
  12. Has this man been on an isolated desert island the past six years?
  13. In the Faroe Islands the team is known as the " landsli餴?".
  14. It made Rhode Island the 26th state with such a law.
  15. The " Charity " also visited the islands the following season.
  16. At Williams Island the crew encountered a polar bear for the first time.
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