island structure in a sentence

  1. The island structures will be different depending on the character chosen by the player.
  2. Casualties were considered light despite the island structure's destruction.
  3. In fact, it has encouraged Iran to . . . change a lot of the island structure.
  4. The island structure is littered with numerous tree trunks, ropes, and shelters for both recreation and exercise.
  5. The island structure was rebuilt, the anti-aircraft turrets were removed, and blisters were added to the hull.
  6. It's difficult to find island structure in a sentence.
  7. The most conspicuous fact is the absence of large atolls and the low density of reef and island structures.
  8. Another familiar Coney Island structure, the Wonder Wheel, a 15-story, 200-ton Ferris wheel, was declared a landmark in 1989.
  9. Today, only few of these carry water due to the many water tunnels that have been cut into the islands structure.
  10. On the island structure there existed a raised'cabin'where the admiral in command could observe the whole harbor along with the surrounding sea.
  11. I notice a lot of stubs which are both geology and geography-specifically, stubs for specific geological sites, such as Victoria Island structure.
  12. A small island structure contained the bridge and wheelhouse and, in the tanker MACs, a chartroom that could be used as a pilots'briefing room.
  13. The island structure is accessible to recreational divers, but the flight deck will require additional training and equipment . a reference to Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
  14. Changing course, it came in over the stern, fired incendiary ammunition at the bridge, and on reaching the island structure, nosed over and crashed the flight deck.
  15. Two of these struck the flight deck and island structure of the carrier, setting off bombs in compartments adjacent to the hangar deck where fueled, armed planes lay in wait.
  16. Carnivale has also been active in helping a number of other notable Staten Island structures become designated as landmarks, and for his efforts has won a number of preservation awards.
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