island station in a sentence

  1. She was lost at sea on the Leeward Islands station in 1808.
  2. Currently, he is the captain in charge of the Treasure Island station.
  3. In 1874, they took over operation of the North Manitou Island station.
  4. After 1900, part of the station was rebuilt as an island station.
  5. The permanently manned Raoul Island Station has been maintained since 1937.
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  7. Liberty later added WBLI in Patchogue, NY to its Long Island station cluster.
  8. Geoscience Australia issued a Tsunami Inundation Advice for Macquarie Island Station.
  9. In 1805 he was made commander of the Leeward Islands Station.
  10. Two more captures on the Leeward Islands station followed in October and November.
  11. The very next day, the Channel Islands station got a call.
  12. Elliot and " Crocodile " served on the Channel Islands station.
  13. Benedek also owned U . S . Virgin Islands station WBNB-TV starting in 1986.
  14. Raoul Island Station represents the northernmost outpost of New Zealand.
  15. Travel between the Sea Island stations is free to everyone.
  16. Commander Robert Giles took command on 12 March 1812 on the Leeward Islands station.
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