island state in a sentence

  1. Mount Livermore ( at night ), Angel Island State Park.
  2. Healey said Douthit had retained Rhode Island state Senator John Revens.
  3. Nearby Don Pedro Island State Park reported wind and water damage.
  4. APPU member nations include Fiji and many other Pacific island states.
  5. The Forum groups 13 island states with Australia and New Zealand.
  6. It's difficult to find island state in a sentence.
  7. Sheik Isa had ruled the Gulf island state for 38 years.
  8. The race ends in Hobart on the island state of Tasmania.
  9. Antelope Island State Park has approximately 300, 000 visitors annually.
  10. The entire island is the Gunnison Island State Wildlife Management Area.
  11. Jenckes was admitted to the Rhode Island state bar in 1840.
  12. Weisberger served in the Rhode Island State Senate as a Republican.
  13. It is a part of the Channel Islands State Marine Park.
  14. Some 45 editorial jobs will move to the island state.
  15. The Rhode Island state Supreme Court ruled in her favor.
  16. She saw the dangers and even mentioned kidnappings in the island state.
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