island star in a sentence

  1. A graduate of Fordham University, Shanahan worked for the now defunct Long Island Star Journal.
  2. He began covering cricket for numerous local newspapers such as the " Long Island Star ".
  3. In mid April 2009 the " Island Star " was transferred from Island Cruises to Pullmantur Cruises.
  4. He began his reporting career at age 19 covering the New York Giants for the " Long Island Star Journal ".
  5. Former University of Rhode Island star Cuttino Mobley has emerged from the flotsam in the Houston backcourt, relegating onetime starter Matt Maloney to the pine.
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  7. Michael and I are going to watch that together, and Lamar ( Odom, the Rhode Island star ) is going to be whipping them.
  8. In grammar school, I delivered The Long Island Star to about 100 families and quickly found that it paid to collect my accounts every week.
  9. The Long Island Star-Journal reported on Dec . 22, 1939, that von Gerlach shot himself in the head while visiting a girlfriend in Greenwich Village.
  10. Williams, a former University of Rhode Island star, received a suspended prison sentence in 1991 in New Haven, Connecticut, on abuse charges filed by his girlfriend.
  11. After graduating from Wellesley, Gould reported on the criminal courts for The Long Island Star-Journal, a newspaper in Long Island City, Queens, that has since folded.
  12. The newspaper ceased publishing in 2002 and editor, Peter Moala said the publishing group would continue publishing the Taimi'O Tonga, the Cook Island Star and the Samoa Independent newspapers.
  13. After initiating a rip tide of ink for attempting to avoid the NBA Draft, the shifty Rhode Island star was penciled in by the Clippers with Wednesday night's fourth overall pick.
  14. The rumor network had the ex-Rhode Island star scheduled to play in Magic Johnson'charity game Sunday at the Forum, but according to the Clippers Odom never committed to participate.
  15. A front-page photograph from the Dec . 23, 1939, edition of The Long Island Star-Journal shows a nattily dressed man, hair slicked back, kissing a parrot.
  16. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Arlene Kotil started playing organized softball at age 16 for the Blue Island Stars, one of four teams in the defunct All-American Girls minor league of Chicago.
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