is that in a sentence

"is that" in Chinese  
  1. All Tyson has shown is that he got out in STORY IN
  2. Q . How is that different than being a television star?
  3. The difference is that the passion to possess it is gone.
  4. The fact is that a lot of the deficit solved itself,
  5. The catch is that stocks go up and down without guarantees.
  6. It's difficult to find is that in a sentence.
  7. The White House line is that nothing illegal or unethical happened.
  8. The point is that The Jakarta Post readers deserve accurate information.
  9. Not least among them is that merger is an excellent idea.
  10. And that theme is that American golf just got Grand Slammed.
  11. The net effect is that the speaker has been seriously compromised.
  12. The idea is that all Americans spend $ 10 on something.
  13. All the narrator is saying is that Kirill has switched religions.
  14. The simplest explanation is that the United Nations endorsement came easy.
  15. The key reason is that the last race was so close.
  16. The goal is that every major supermarket will have Starbucks coffee,
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