is that true in a sentence

"is that true" in Chinese  
  1. Is that true, or is the title still used in some countries?
  2. No where is that truer than in our relationship with South Africa,
  3. The time it lasts also depend on burning speed, is that true?
  4. Is that true and why is that and is it time yet?
  5. Is that true ? L . J . K ., New York
  6. It's difficult to find is that true in a sentence.
  7. Is that true ? _ S . W ., San Jose, Calif.
  8. As I had no interaction with the old software-is that true?
  9. Also, it seems that book reviews are not useful-is that true?
  10. Is that true or does it only apply to certain windows like Word?
  11. Is that true, and if so, how can I do it?
  12. I read somewhere that the fumes contained aldehydes is that true?
  13. Nowhere is that truer than in our relationship with South Africa,
  14. Is that true, or does an update need to be made?
  15. im heard that most puerto ricans are black is that true?
  16. But underneath it all is that true compassion and sweetness I just adore.
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