is that so wrong in a sentence

  1. The movie just wants to be loved; is that so wrong?
  2. Tell me, Doc, is that so wrong?
  3. Music helps me do that Is that so wrong?
  4. A : Is that so wrong?
  5. Is that so wrong ? " _ came to take on a much deeper meaning.
  6. It's difficult to find is that so wrong in a sentence.
  7. If someone buys one of those ugly medallions out of a genuine desire to literally touch a piece of something from one of the most significant events in our lifetime, is that so wrong?
  8. I didn't do anything wrong; I just wanted to see them as I haven't in an awfully long time ( is that so wrong ? ), and glimse their activities so I could understand them better.
  9. I promis you story about my village is trou, and why would i wont to write a lie, its nothing special, its just something about my village i want to share with other . . is that so wrong ??
  10. I've created over a hundred websites for clients, now just because I happen to spend some time editing wikipedia and contributing first hand knowledge about Gibraltar which upsets some editors who want a different view of it promulgated, is that so wrong?

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