is that ok in a sentence

"is that ok" in Chinese  
  1. The problem, though, is that OK isn't good enough against the Lakers.
  2. Is that OK or is it considered bad form to do that.
  3. Is that OK, or should I vent it into the basement?
  4. Is that OK with you ?'I would have felt bad saying no ."
  5. Is that OK ?'That day never came ."
  6. It's difficult to find is that ok in a sentence.
  7. "Is that OK ? " asks Dr . Yu, a very wise guy in his profession.
  8. Is that ok ?  Preceding contribs ) 00 : 04, 17 February 2014 ( UTC)
  9. If I think you are a reincarnated banned user, and I block you, is that ok?
  10. If he bet only on games other than those involving his Cincinnati Reds, is that OK?
  11. Is that OK for a flat roof?
  12. Gluck is travelling today is that ok?
  13. Is that ok with you ?"
  14. Is that OK with you folks?
  15. Is that OK with you now?
  16. These actions threatened a persons livelihood, is that ok too since she may or may not know them?
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