is that it in a sentence

"is that it" in Chinese  
  1. A fundamental reality of technology spending is that it is cyclical.
  2. Our experience since 1988 is that it is not getting better.
  3. The downside is that it tinkers with several positions at once.
  4. The thing I regret is that it got to that point.
  5. One possible theory is that it might cause some bowel inflammation.
  6. It's difficult to find is that it in a sentence.
  7. The thing I regret is that it got to this point.
  8. The problem with that is that it turns off the independents.
  9. One of the reasons is that it is limited in nature.
  10. The advantage of this program is that it takes that away.
  11. The message on violence against women is that it is everywhere,
  12. But our expectation is that it will not be that big.
  13. What is surprising is that it is so close this early.
  14. The situation with me is that it will be minutes earned.
  15. The deeper truth is that it is an adult moral crisis.
  16. The one truth about terrorism is that it works so well.
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