is that a car in a sentence

"is that a car" in Chinese  
  1. "Our view is that a car should have more seats, " said Joseph G . Rappaport, coordinator for the Straphangers Campaign.
  2. An unexpected result of the Beetle phenomenon is that a car intended for the average person ended up crossing all class lines.
  3. "The thing that amazes us is that a car can sit somewhere that long in the city and not get stolen, " she added.
  4. He said the premise of the film _ based on the 1973 novel " Crash " by the British author J . G . Ballard _ is that a car crash can be, as one character puts it, " a fertilizing rather than a destructive event ."
  5. My feeling is that a car " already stopped " at the stop sign has right-of-way over a car " approaching " the give-way sign, but a lot of drivers seem to think the driver with the stop sign should always give way to the driver with the give way sign.
  6. It's difficult to find is that a car in a sentence.
  7. Again my understanding is that a car will get lower mpg in short-burst use ( e . g . 20 x 5 miles drives to the shop ) compared to in longer drives ( e . g . 5 x 20 mile drives to the shop ) as the engine needs to'warm up'to run efficiently.
  8. An analogy is that a car is " not a fork " of a motorcycle, but the car provides new features ( 4 passengers, A / C, trunk, reclining seats, etc . ), while a motorcycle can drive in more places ( on narrow sidewalks, through a yard gate, into an apartment for storage at night ), so both car & motorcycle are useful.

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